Do any of you remember little Chompoo, sister of Sutid?? She returned to us last night. Her statement to Mortha said, ” To die is to be happy..better than my life now.” She was taken to stay with her mother and new husband in 2013… Mother works fulltime to support the family, so Chompoo is left at home with the beastly man. For two years she has been sexually abused. This week she had the courage to tell her mother. Her brother, Sutid drove to pick her up and brought her to here. Please pray for her, she is an emotional traumatized little girl. She is just 12 years old.12414_10150103653760118_351884_n

I am struggling with it, I want to kill him, put him naked into a red ant nest, find a mosquito with elephantitis of the testicle, “But we should love those who persecute you” Tough to change my thoughts on this one.

Photo was taken by our friend Britt Celine in 2010 when she was about 7 years old.  Her old sponsors from Norway have offered to help again. God is in control!


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