On November 2nd, we were having a birthday party in the dining room. One of the boys called out, “Fire”.

Ratree’s house had an electrical fire start near her roof…. catching the plastic roofing on fire, spreading flames onto the grass roofing. Children ran everywhere in the dark. Ratree was calling for them to help her rescue her things… I was shouting for them to get back to the dining room. Chaos!

Cereone turn off the power source…. the boys put out the flames… we isolated the house and regrouped in the dining room. Everyone was safe.  The next day I assessed the damage and called a friend to help identify the problem.  Wirote had me take photographs of wiring, connections and outlets. He arranged that he would fly up with his friend to assess the problems.

As a result, an electrical installation team have come to re-install our electricity.  They were such a great team…. working late into the night to finish the hospital and classroom areas.


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