This year we accepted 15 more children. Most of them are either younger siblings of existing students or they are from extreme poverty, single parent families without access to education.

We are seeking sponsorship for these children:

La-Yu aged 14; Eh Doh aged 11; Apriltoo aged 9;  DorDor aged 9; CheChe aged 6; BuBu aged 6; LayBwayMoo aged 10; DorNeeWah aged 5;

The new girls are Wan aged 10; PawPah aged 6; Nor aged 14; NamKang aged 12; Duan aged 12; Cha aged 13; BooBoo aged 5

My two big boys, Darku and Dek have returned to help this year as well


2 thoughts on “Fifteen more

  1. How much is the amount needed for one student.
    I was a volunteer before that was ten years ago from CSW Hongkong with Atty. Rosario Gallo. I volunteered to teach art lesson. I would like to.sponsor one student. I live in the Philippines.


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