New kids in school

In May we had an influx of new kids… mostly siblings of older children, or recently orphaned kids transferring to here with our existing kids…from the same villages.


Kon kon kon award

This last Monday I was humbled to receive the Kon kon kon award for showing mercy to the poor. Fancy being honoured for doing what we are commanded to do.

At the ceremony I was presented a small Buddha statue, to represent small Buddha, who needed to go to heaven, but he wanted to stay in this world longer to show more people the way to heaven. I was also presented with 50,000 baht.

They made kind speeches, citing that I was singled out because I was a Christian and a foreigner, showing Thai Buddhist people how to live and love.

I had my students cook dinner for the people, as well as translating for the guest speakers.

The Library is ready

Its clean, its painted, it has book shelving, it has books…. we are ready to declare the goodness of God and our many friends. This Sunday we will celebrate with a luncheon and dedication. Praise God!

Fifteen more

This year we accepted 15 more children. Most of them are either younger siblings of existing students or they are from extreme poverty, single parent families without access to education.

We are seeking sponsorship for these children:

La-Yu aged 14; Eh Doh aged 11; Apriltoo aged 9;  DorDor aged 9; CheChe aged 6; BuBu aged 6; LayBwayMoo aged 10; DorNeeWah aged 5;

The new girls are Wan aged 10; PawPah aged 6; Nor aged 14; NamKang aged 12; Duan aged 12; Cha aged 13; BooBoo aged 5

My two big boys, Darku and Dek have returned to help this year as well