New kids in school

In May we had an influx of new kids… mostly siblings of older children, or recently orphaned kids transferring to here with our existing kids…from the same villages.


Kon kon kon award

This last Monday I was humbled to receive the Kon kon kon award for showing mercy to the poor. Fancy being honoured for doing what we are commanded to do.

At the ceremony I was presented a small Buddha statue, to represent small Buddha, who needed to go to heaven, but he wanted to stay in this world longer to show more people the way to heaven. I was also presented with 50,000 baht.

They made kind speeches, citing that I was singled out because I was a Christian and a foreigner, showing Thai Buddhist people how to live and love.

I had my students cook dinner for the people, as well as translating for the guest speakers.

Fifteen more

This year we accepted 15 more children. Most of them are either younger siblings of existing students or they are from extreme poverty, single parent families without access to education.

We are seeking sponsorship for these children:

La-Yu aged 14; Eh Doh aged 11; Apriltoo aged 9;  DorDor aged 9; CheChe aged 6; BuBu aged 6; LayBwayMoo aged 10; DorNeeWah aged 5;

The new girls are Wan aged 10; PawPah aged 6; Nor aged 14; NamKang aged 12; Duan aged 12; Cha aged 13; BooBoo aged 5

My two big boys, Darku and Dek have returned to help this year as well

Library completed

After the investment of many people in time, money and advice, we have completed the new library building. Last night was its first usage by the children. The senior kids used it as a homework base. accessing the resources for dictionaries and research in both Thai and English. Praise God for this place

Electricity damage and repair

On November 2nd, we were having a birthday party in the dining room. One of the boys called out, “Fire”.

Ratree’s house had an electrical fire start near her roof…. catching the plastic roofing on fire, spreading flames onto the grass roofing. Children ran everywhere in the dark. Ratree was calling for them to help her rescue her things… I was shouting for them to get back to the dining room. Chaos!

Cereone turn off the power source…. the boys put out the flames… we isolated the house and regrouped in the dining room. Everyone was safe.  The next day I assessed the damage and called a friend to help identify the problem.  Wirote had me take photographs of wiring, connections and outlets. He arranged that he would fly up with his friend to assess the problems.

As a result, an electrical installation team have come to re-install our electricity.  They were such a great team…. working late into the night to finish the hospital and classroom areas.

The cat in the hat comes back

It has been a wake-up call…… I have been suffering from a bad case of lymphomatoid Papulosis (LyP) for many years. My left leg turned nasty and I had pain every time I walked or drove.

Finally I sought medical advice and pain relief. This was at the beginning of November. It slowed me down.  On Thanksgiving Day I took my friend to her medical appointment and seriously ate ice cream with Janet. My leg hurt as we drove back to Bong Ti that evening.

I ate something bitter for dinner and went to bed early. By 10pm I had a fever with chills. Negative malaria test. At 2am diarrhea and vomiting commenced. When my big kids came to find out why had I not showed up at worship, I was in and out of reasoning. Malee called the Sai Yok ambulance service…. I was transferred there. In Emergency Room they tried to stabilize me… My oxygen level had dropped; my blood pressure was low; I was unconscious as they transferred me to Phalhon Regional hospital.

From there I transferred by Pitakkarn Ambulance to Mission Hospital in Bangkok. Over 5 days I was brought back to normal functioning. I was greatly helped by the visitors and love shared there. Thank Dr Nick Walters for your health care.

My children welcomed me home last Thursday and I am now upright and beginning to be involved with activities around here. The bigger students went to dinner to celebrate life and service…. the school was run by Morecherie, Cereone, Mortha, Eliku and Narget. Praise God for their leadership and care