We survive and thrive on donations from around the world.  Our budget has the following three sections:

  • Children’s care
  • Medical care
  • Development Projects

Children’s care budget is provided for by each individual child having a sponsor.  We live a simple life and try to be realistic with our budget. Currently we request 8000 baht per child per year. Costs include food @ 120 baht per week, school fees, bus costs to and from school, medical expenses, and birthday/Christmas gifts.  The annual budget is 400,000 baht

Medical care comes most often as medical supplies from other medical institutions, free medical consultants, donated equipment and government support from emergency transportation.The annual budget is valued 350,000 baht

Development Projects include funds for materials, donated time from builders and work crews as well as planning time and efforts by expertise. The projects are undertaken in October and April each year as these are when the children home from school. If they work it, they have a sense of ownership, and belonging.

If you want to become involved as a sponsor for a child, or a part of a development team, please contact us for further information.


6 thoughts on “Donors

  1. Momo! We need the banking info within the US! It must’ve slipped your mind as you have been busy! We miss you and the children terribly!!! May God be with you all, always.. Love, Vanessa and Daniel


    1. It had slipped my mind… Home alone, so super busy.

      The funds can be sent to Carolina SDA conference, in Charlotte, north Carolina.

      Mark it for Bamboo School, Thailand. The details are on here on the webpage.

      I need you to come again!! Love Cat


  2. Hello,
    Hope you are well.
    Would like to contribute and be a part of the good deed you are doing. Could you please provide more information as to your needs.

    Best regards


    1. Hi, it was great to speak with you just now.
      My email address is office.bambooschool@gmail.com

      All our individual children are now sponsored. However I am now seeking sponsors for the employment of a married couple to be home bodies for the children… I am facing some health issues, so I need back up for child care. I do have volunteers come in for short term helping. They are normally young adults from Western countries, often with special skills. However the new position is that of every day help, constantly during the year. People who can speak the local language and have the same cultural background as these children

      We do have building projects planned in the near future…. A computer room here at the base campus.

      We have a further property at Bong Ti Bonn, yet to develop. It is called Bamboo Lakeside….a place of recreation and horticulture. We have just built our first home on it, from recycled materials.

      Thank you for the contact. I look forward to meeting you in the future


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