Upcoming projects:

  1. Computer room/library (budget in hand)
    1. The site has been leveled and computer purchased.  A number of friends are collecting library books. Now we await a possible team coming in November/December for the building.
  2. Lakeside building development:
    1. This is a plan on paper. We are seeking funding for this project. Its a vision from God and we have interest from a Hong Kong group. Pray for this project to be endorsed and funded.
  3. Herb garden on the top lawn near the boys dorm. (Budget in hand)
    1. This plan is on paper and the boys have started the first walled garden
    2. Rotary Club, Pattaya has given funding for the outer fence to be built to improve security and shut out stray dogs.
    3. I awaiting a friend’s input into the health herbs to include… we already have some sugDSCN1469gestions to include papaya trees, lemon/lime trees, ginger, tumeric, garlic, aloe vera, okra. Your ideas are welcome.

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